ATTY. Osman ALTUNTAŞ (Partner)


Born in 1992 Ankara Mr. Altuntaş finished Ayyıldız Anadolu High School in 2010 and entered Çankaya University Faculty of Law afterwards finishing it in 2014.
In 2012 Osman Altuntaş entered Seyhan Law Offıce as an intern and concluded his work experience and education successfully and simultaneously.
After graduation Mr. Altuntaş officially enrolled to the Seyhan Law Offıce as an advocate trainee and after successfully completing 2 year working period became an attorney at law with register number 120945 in Ankara Bar Association.


Company Law and Corporate Law

  • Present legal counseling in every step of company establishment, liquidation and registration within the trade register
  • Management in economically constrained companies
  • Legal aid in purchase, sales, joining and separation of companies
  • Overseeing debt reimbursement in corporate lawsuits, amendment and interpretation of corporate contracts
  • Overseeing and counseling of all the processes of transformation of the legal status artisan in to merchant that is codified in the new Code of Corporate Law

Bankruptcy and Enforcement Law

  • Overseeing enforcement proceedings with judgement or without judgement, concluding debt collection process
  • Liquidation of valuable papers and prosecution thereof within the related lawsuit actions(objection against signature, moral compensation calculation, recuperation, objection, authority etc.)
  • Procurement contract and sales agreement
  • Bankruptcy and Enforcement related crimes
  • Action of annulment of the power of disposition
  • Composition of debtors and relating agreement
  • Delaying of bankruptcy

Family Law and Inheritance Law

  • For the reasons of these judicial processes being lengthy and for our regard for unity of family we accept these cases only for our longstanding clients. For those that are enlisted within our client portfolio we oversee divorce, paternity, custody, and similar dispute resolution within amicable solutions and if otherwise is deemed necessary within legal procedures.
  • Amendment of certificate of inheritance, determination of actives and passives of deceased’s assets, reimbursement of heirs’ right via partition
  • Drafting of the will

Labor Law

  • Action of reemployment and other related litigation processes with short limited periods
  • Debt collection of all workers’ rights related issues, enforcement of the court order, and all the related processes that lead to collection
  • Protecting interests of employers against moral indemnity and pecuniary claims of laborers which arguably are caused by work related accidents

Administrative Law

  • Application to Government Procurement Inspection Agency, overseeing the processes and objection of Board Decision
  • Actions of annulment and suspension of execution demand, compensation claims