About Us

As a law firm giving consultation in different branches of law, our wish is to build long lasting and strong relationships with our clients. We are fulfilling this goal by producing practical solutions to problems and providing our clients with professional consultation and services in law procedures. While providing our clients law services with professionalism we also act in accordance with ethical standards and provisions.

For our clients to benefit from our vast experience and to provide the best service, we share with them our knowledge and perspective. We successfully conduct our international cases especially in Russia, Finland, Austria, Germany, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, with help of partner law offices in those areas. The reason we use all kinds of technological equipment is to create a business that is independent from time and place, therefore as we follow a case in a country like Cambodia, our other lawyer has the opportunity to be in court in Mardin. Globalization and increasing competition has made it more important to protect innovative ideas. Managements that do not protect their innovations have to compensate their losses from their clients.

Seyhan Law Office will show you the right path for your business especially in Russia and surrounding countries, Middle East, Europe and America. By getting help from our international connections and partners we are always there to help you in your dispute resolutions, reconciliations, litigations and consultations.

We always aim to show progress in our consultations, therefore care about close relationships with our clients. Being completely honest and loyal is our essential approach to our clients.

Seyhan Law Office differs from others with its practical commercial understanding and its neverending energy.

Our office has undertaken the mission to protect the ideas of firms that we share our knowledge and experience with and give consultation to.