ATTY. Bülent SEYHAN (Founding Partner)



Born in 1965 Ankara Mr. Seyhan finished Ankara Atatürk Highschool and entered Ankara University Law faculty. After successfully finishing his bachelor degree in law advocate Seyhan started writing in a column of the National Economy magazine PLATIN. He wrote on problems investors encounter and reviews on Capital Market regulations. He had aided the development of Stock Exchange of Istanbul and of Capital Market Codification. Mr. Seyhan founded Company of Professional Researchers PROFAR and afterward worked as a counselor in numerous intermediary organizations. He has gained the status of Director of Energy Law in Bar Association of Ankara and made publications on Oil Market and Energy Law. Bülent Seyhan is vastly knowledgeable and has expertise in licensing procedures, project management, financing, all legal and technical information concerning production processes for investors in the Energy field.
Atty. Seyhan also can give an expert opinion on antiquarian and artistic production.
In the national law field advocate gives legal advice to companies in the tax law and company law fields. He has expertise in following processes of debt collection for banks and other financial institutions. Bülent Seyhan is specially qualified in reimbursement and company law fields.


Energy law

  • Oil Market. Administrative fines. Disputes between distributing agent and the central body.
  • Disputes arisen from Wind Turbines. Licensing, establishing and amendment of agreements concerning this field.
  • Solar Panels

Company Law – Corporate Law

  • Establishment of a company and liquidation
  • Arrangement of Bankruptcy
  • Bankruptcy
  • Legal and Penal liability of Board of Directors
  • Action of Annulment and Action of Voidness of Board decision
  • Inspection and proof of the causal link between workers’/ directors’ action in loss of income
  • Corporative counseling, establishing off hands system for a company to function without human input
  • Parter’s relationship, shifting partner’s economic risk out of the company
  • Managing a company with low income
  • Legal and economic analysis of a company before buying
  • Management counseling for a company at risk or during problematic or close to bankruptcy state

Electronic Commerce

  • Drafting of the contracts between user and seller
  • Administration of business (taxes, customs, concession etc. )
  • Legal analysis of contracting companies
  • Drafting of  the Privacy Policy
  • Actions arisen from violations of Fair Use of the content of the website
  • Shutting down websites that violate Fair-Use and Intellectual Property Rights

Bankruptcy and Enforcement Law

  • Overseeing enforcement procedures over debt collection from check, bono, bill, court order or contract.
  • Proof of actions of the debtor that aim towards abducting goods and reimbursement
  • Application on delaying enforcement
  • Objection and complaint against public procurement contracts
  • Overseeing judicial proceedings in Administrative and Tax Courts