How to Get a Residence Permit for Language Education in Turkey ?

How to Get a Residence Permit for Language Education in Turkey ?

Due to the upcoming elections, Turkey’s policy on foreigners has changed radically. The residence permits of foreigners residing in Turkey are not renewed, and even many people are deported.

In the light of the latest developments in the world, Turkey is the choice of citizens of many countries for both investment and residence. One of the most common problems faced by our clients recently is not obtaining a residence permit in Turkey. At this point, as Seyhan Law Office, we recommend you try to get a visa for language learning.

If you want to get a visa for   language learning, you must first apply to a Turkish Consulate in your own country. The Turkish Consulate will request certain documents from you for the transaction in question, these are –

  • Visa application form (must be signed)
  • Valid passport during your stay in Turkey
  • Biometric photo (background white and taken in the last 6 months)
  • Language course registration certificate
  • Income Statement
  • Booking flight
  • Accommodation Info (Hotel reservation, rental contract)

The Consulate may require other documents in addition to the documents mentioned above. After collecting the necessary documents and agreeing with a Turkish course approved by the Ministry of National Education in Turkey, you can request an invitation letter from your course and apply for your visa.

You can stay in Turkey for a maximum of 90 days with a student visa, so after entering Turkey, you need to apply for a student residence permit to the relevant government agency. This residence permit can be obtained no more than twice. If the course duration does not exceed one year, the residence permit cannot exceed this course duration, so we recommend that you find a Turkish course that exceeds more than one year.

As Seyhan Law Firm, with our 28 years of experience and professional advocates, we can advise you on which residence permit would be more appropriate for you and help you in case you encounter any legal problem.