Seyhan Law Office celebrates Kazakhstan Independence Day

Seyhan Law Office

In 9 December 2019 in Nazim Hikmet concert hall was held a concert in honor of Independence Day of Kazakhstan. This event was organized by the joint efforts of the Association of Kazakh Culture ‘Koktug’, the Embassy of Kazakhstan and the Yenimahalle Municipality.

A show of modern Kazakh fashion was held. Were presentrd new collections of famous Kazakh fashion designers: Zhadyra Qonar, Hanum Aidash Collection, Moldir ‘Atelie Shyn Zhurekten Aktau’

Guest artists from Kazakhstan also performed.

The guests of the concert were; the head of the Yenimahalle municipality – Fethi Yashar, the Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Ankara – Abzal Saparbekuly, the Assistant Secretary General of TURKSOY – Assoc. Dr. Bilal Cakici, the Head of the Chamber of Commerce of Ankara – Gürsel Baran, the head of the Association of Kazakh Culture – Lazzat Mulazimoglu and many others. Seyhan Law Office was also on the guest list.Seyhan Law Office

Seyhan Law Office