MERSIS Registration System Application

MERSIS Registration System Application can be used for purposes such as application, change application, structure change, follow-up of ongoing applications. To set up a company using MERSİS, you need to click the Organization Application button and select one of the company types in the list that will appear. This company may be Joint Stock Company, Limited Company, Commercial Enterprise, Branch, Collective Company, Commandite Company, Equipping Affiliate, or Cooperative.

Incorporation: Depending on the type of company selected according to the company type and subtypes field, if there is a subtype, it is automatically brought by the system. Depending on the type of Joint Stock Company, subtype selection is made: Number of Shareholders More than One Joint Stock Company, Single Shareholder Joint Stock Company, “Province-District” where the organization will be made, “Tax Office” of the organization and Trade Registry Directorate (relevant TRD).

If the establishment will be established in the structure of a joint stock company subject to the permission of the Ministry, the transaction is made by ticking the box subject to the permission of the Ministry.

Once you have filled in all the fields, you can access the organization operations menu. In this menu, the fields of Joint Stock Company Shareholders, Real Person Shareholder / Partner, Legal Person Shareholder/Partner, Unregistered Legal Person Shareholder / Partner and Description of the Organization (Not Mandatory) can be entered.

When Add button is clicked in Real Person Shareholder /Add Partner section, TR Identity Number – Identity Card Serial and Number are entered for Turkish citizens from the screen opened. Access to the contact information is provided by pressing the Inquire button from KPS and Real Person Shareholder registration is completed with the Save button. In this way, for Shareholders; If the Joint Stock Company Sub-type is not a single shareholder, more than one entry can be made.

For foreign nationals, Foreigner Shareholder Registration transactions are made by using the options with Passport No and Blue Card/Foreigner Identity No.

In order to add the Legal Person Shareholder or Partner to the legal persons registered in the MERSİS application through the system; MERSİS No, Trade Registry / File No, Title or any of the Country fields are entered and queried with the Search Company button and the person to be added as the Legal Person Shareholder / Partner is selected from the data to be listed with the + button and registered in the system.

If Joint Stock Company Shareholders, Business Name is available or reserved from the Title menu, the system will give a warning. If there is a description of the title, it can be saved in the system. Address information is accessed via UAVT data with Add/Change button. Organization address is entered. This menu contains Address information.

Purpose and subject, purpose subject of the company to be established is added through this menu. This transaction and the record of the transaction are made and recorded through the Add / Edit button.

NACE Code. It is a reference source for the production and publication of statistics on its economic activities in Europe. According to what activities they perform NACE coding, businesses are given a 6-digit code. Within the scope of EU harmonization studies in Turkey, the Nace code application has also started to be used.

Determination of NACE Code

The activity code of the chamber member and accordingly the occupational group are determined according to the declaration of the financial advisor during the establishment. In the following years, the highest turnover of the member from the activities carried out in the previous year will be updated according to the declaration given to the Ministry of Finance by the financial advisor.

The Capital menu contains the buttons whether the total capital (TL) is established by accepting the registered capital system and whether you want to divide the Capital into Groups.

Registered Capital Disclosure:

Description of Registered Capital in the system by Registered Capital Entry. The registered capital description appears with the Add/Edit Button.

Share Menu and Operations. Shareholder share distribution transactions should be made within the scope of the capital information entered. In this context, transactions are made on the Share page. On the page that opens, company shareholders (Real-Legal-Foreign Legal) are seen. The Capital Information Entry dialog is displayed with the Make Distribution button seen in the relevant line in the shareholders field. In the said dialogue, Total Capital, Cash Capital, Number of Registered Shares, Number of Bearer Shares, Number of Shareholder Preferred Shares, Number of Shareholder Preferred Shares, Paid-in Capital, If the Shareholder has the same Capital, the entry is made as in- kind capital sample.

Share group information entry for shareholders is made through the ” Make Share Group Distribution ” button. In the opened dialogue, the name of the capital share group, the number of registered shares, the number of bearer shares, the number of privileged shares (if available in the share group). Entries are made according to the information in the dialogue and the transaction isrecorded. Share Menu operations are completed.

Company Time information. On the page opened through the Company Time menu, click the Add/Edit button to enter the time information from the dialog opened and register. If the company is to be established indefinitely, you need to check the “indefinitely” box.

Board of Directors/Authorities Menu:

Board of Directors information should be entered for joint stock company establishments. Press the Authorized button of the Board of Directors. Enter the number of members of the Board of Directors and the duration of the Board of Directors by clicking the Edit number of members and duration information button on the page that opens. In the field that determines the number of members, one of the options of at least the number of members, the number of full members and at least 1 member is selected.

Shareholders are added to the Board of Directors as members by clicking the Add member button. Natural person, Legal person and Foreign Legal person.

Administration and Representation Menu of the Company. Information about the Company Administration and Representation is automatically entered by the system in the Company Administration and Representation Menu. Edit can be done on the text via Add Edit button.

General Assembly Menu:

General Assembly information is automatically entered by the system in the General Assembly menu. Edit can be done on the text via Add Edit button. Company Ad Details are automatically brought in the Ad menu. Edit can be done on the text with the Add Edit button. Enter the Company Account period information in the Account Period menu. Click Add/Edit button and check the Special Account Period box. In the profit-loss menu, the company profit-loss information is automatically brought. In the reserve fund menu, the reserve fund information of the company is automatically displayed.

Documents are only uploaded in PDF format and documents that do not exceed 5 MB in size can be uploaded. Documents of different types and exceeding 5 MB in size are prevented from being uploaded by the system. The document upload process is terminated by pressing the browse button and transferred to the system with the upload button.

When Tax Number button is clicked, Potential tax number retrieval screen will be opened. The tax number to be determined by the system is brought to the screen by pressing the Get Potential Tax Number button. Although the potential tax number could not be obtained, or in order to enter the manually received tax number, the system has also allowed manual entry.

Process operations

In the next stage, the process selection process is performed. TRD Process – Notary Process – E Signature Process, (selections will change according to company types.) In the process selection, the authorities are displayed and if the contract will be signed with e signature, E signature procedures are completed and the next stage is proceeded.

Submitting transactions for request registration approval At this stage, the request is sent to the approval of the trade registry directorate with the submit for approval button or to the approval of the organization according to the company name.

Do you want Paid Pre-Check on request? By clicking on the box, the request can be sent for pre- checking before. Pricing messages are shown depending on TRDs as information messages.

Do you want a paid pre-check? By clicking on the box, the request can be sent for pre-checking before. Pricing messages are shown depending on TRDs as information messages.