Employment in Turkey

The right to employment is protected by the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey and the laws. Foreigners are also entitled to employment, but this requires a work permit.

Minors under the age of 15 cannot be hired in Turkey. Employment of minors between the ages of 15-18 is regulated separately, for them there are some restrictions prescribed by law. The Turkish state is harsh on the implementation of these rules.

Obtaining a work permit

A foreigner residing in the territory of the Republic of Turkey must obtain a permit in order to start working. There are exceptions for foreigners with refugee status or who are under secondary protection. These persons may work without a work permit from the moment they receive the corresponding status.

The body issuing the work permit is the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection. An application for permission can be submitted from within the country and from abroad. The application is submitted through the employer.

In the event that you want to apply for a work permit while being outside of Turkey, you need to contact the diplomatic mission of the Republic of Turkey in the country of your citizenship or permanent residence. You need to submit to the representative office an Employment Agreement that you have signed with the employer.