Cooperation of the Seyhan Law Office with the Ukrainian law firm Rubicon

An online conference was held at which Attorney Bulent Seyhan, the founding partner of the Seyhan Law Office, and Pavel Nikulin, director of the Ukrainian law firm Rubicon, agreed to cooperate. The details and conditions of the upcoming cooperation were also discussed.

Some information about our solution partner:

This organization provides a wide range of consulting and lawyer services to Ukrainian clients and clients from other countries, in the territory of their country, as well as abroad. Due to the presence of a large partner network of legal organizations in many countries, the Rubicon Law Firm can provide legal services together with foreign attorneys, lawyers, as well as other specialists in more than 30 countries.

The company’s permanent foreign legal partners are more than 100 foreign legal entities and more than 300 foreign lawyers conducting private practice. Most of the partner lawyers at Rubicon Law Firm abroad are Russian-speaking lawyers.