We follow all the procedures regarding of a firm, starting from the establishment. Especially in times of crisis we give legal counselling and help you take precautionary measures, promote relations between partners, walk you through procedures like bankruptcy and its arrangement, suspension of bankruptcy as fast as possible saving you from most of the trouble.

We provide service to companies and corporations, especially family companies, helping them with management and operations regarding institutional structuring.

Nowadays companies have vast management departments, which, in many cases, leads to breach of faith. Boards of directors, managers and deputies take actions in their own favour, rather than the company’s. In these cases, we can ensure research and enforce criminal proceedings.

Our professional team gives services in fields of institutionalization of companies, determination of company black holes (corruption of a company), collection of company debts, filing suits and litigation, lawful protection of companies on the edge of bankruptcy etc.


Our office provides services in branches of law relating to real estate, especially in preparation of bargaşn and sale contracts, conducting a research about the property in Directorate of Land Registry and Ministries.

  • Filing a suit against confiscation without expropriation and its prevention
  • Hypothec and pawn operations
  • Land registration and its cancellation cases
  • Construction contract
  • Construction agreement in return for flat
  • Lease agreement and related cases
  • Preparation of management plans
  • Preparation of preliminary sales contracts
  • Ejectment cases
  • Filing suits regarding contracts of work and agreements of constructions in return for a flat
  • Cases regarding: Law of property ownership Elimination of joint ownership Right of preemption Expropriation etc.


We present legal aid in every step of a criminal law suit like nvestigation and prosecution phases of a criminal case and we oversee your criminal cases in every process related to criminal risks. We draft notices, complaints and our specialized lawyers are present with you during administrative controls or ,nterrogative processes. Since criminal punishment is the heaviest form of sanctions we give speacial attention and handle these cases with great care to ensure protection of human rights for our clients.


Numerous companies cannot reimburse their damages due to faulty agreements and blanks within contracts. Since predictive law principle is in out bussiness model we strogly advice our clients to council us and include predictive measures to reinforce company contracts with guarantees. In relevant litigation processes we carefully oversee every step of bankrupcy law related processes such as : -İnvestigation of moral damages and objection to the debt; – release of debt and claim for damages caused by unlawfull seizure; – litigation of claims; action of annulement of objection; – interim injunction; – provisional seizure.


We are assertive that we can resolve disputes and related cases in the most cost and timely effective manner. We handly legal aspects of marital disputes like securement of name, change of name, suspension of communal residence with great care to ensure protection of our clients’ rights.


Every relating tax problem and claims in Tax Court litigations would be overseen with great care and the most cost efficient way. Reimbursement and damages claims, lawsuits of annulement and objection, in every court and out of court procedures like Mediation and Arbitration will be handled by our team of proffesional attorneys at law.


Overseeing actions of annulment and actions of hereditary portion. Amendment of certificate of inheritance, determination of actives and passives of deceased’s assets, reimbursement of heirs’ right via partition.


Oil Market. Administrative fines. Disputes between distributing agent and central body..Disputes arisen from Wind Turbines. Licensing, establishing and amendment of agreements concerning this field.Solar Panels.