Atty. Raşid Mirzayev – Chief Legal Consultant

Borned in Baku/Azerbaijan. İn 2017 gratueted from high school named by Academic Zarifa Aliyeva and in the same year started bachelor degree at Hacettepe University Law Faculty and graduated at 2021. While he continue his bachelor he made internship at prosecution, after sucessfully graduation from his bachelor degree he started his master’s degree at Ankara University Law faculty. Continues magistracy at the Department of Public Law of Ankara University at the Department of Criminal and Criminal Procedure Law. Participated in many organizations and has certificates in many semposiums and organizations such as Model United Nations and semposium about children’s rights. He knows at advanced level Russian, English, Turkish, Azerbaijani languages and know French language at begginer level.


-Criminal Law

-Criminal Defence

-Rights of a Foreigner

-Commercial Law-Corporate Law

-Labor Law

-Consumer Rights

-Family and Inheritance Law