Attorney’s rights in Turkey

The rights of attorneys in Turkey are not discussed as much as their duties are discussed. There is also a lack of academic work on attorney law. However, administrative decisions restricting the rights of lawyers in Turkey are quite common. And they don’t always comply with the Law. Naturally, these decisions negatively affect the case. Because, according to the Law on Attorneys 1136 of 1 March 1969, Article 1 / II, the attorney is one of the main factors in legal proceedings. In addition, by affecting the limits of the rights of lawyers or professional bar associations (for example, the Association of Chambers of Advocates), the administration affects human rights.(Source Link)Attorney


Some academics define their lawyer rights as right and authority; however, a more correct approach is to not classify lawyer rights as an authority. From a wide spectrum of rights of a lawyer in Turkey, several subgroups can be formed: in connection with the adoption of a case, professional work, professional community, customer relationship, social security.