Advantages of Turkic nationality

What are the advantages of Turkic nationality for foreigners living in Turkey?

First of all, in the issue of employment. There are a number of professions prohibited for foreigners. Such as:

  • Dentistry, patient care (Code No. 1219 “On the Medical Art …”)
  • Pharmaceutics (Code of Pharmacists and Pharmacies)
  • Veterinary science (Code of the Structure and Activities of the Association of Veterinarians and Veterinary Chambers)
  • Responsible directorate of private hospitals (Code of Private Clinics)
  • Legal profession (Code of Advocacy)
  • Notary (Code of Notary)
  • Private security (Code No. 5188 on Private Security Services, Article 10)
  • A number of maritime professions (Code of Cabotage)
  • Customs brokerage (In accordance with article 227 of Code No. 4458 on Customs)
  • Tour guide (In accordance with article 3 of Code No. 6326 on the Profession of a tour guide)

Employment of Turkics

However, there are exceptions for foreign citizens with Turkic nationality, according to Code No. 2527 on Employment of Foreign Citizens of Turkic Nationalities.

The purpose of the adoption of this Law is to allow foreigners of Turkic nationalities to freely engage in professional activities in areas where there is a need for personnel. To give the opportunity to work for foreigners of Turkic nationalities in state and private organizations, with the exception of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Turkey and the public security organs.

Persons of Turkic nationalities are free to find jobs in professions prohibited to other foreigners. For example, they can become lawyers. However, in any case, it is necessary to obtain a work permit for employment.

Additional Information: Previously, Turkic nationality gave advantages in obtaining Turkish citizenship. Foreign Turks could live only two years to apply for citizenship. However, this article lost its legal force in 2010 and more is not provided.

To take advantage of the Turkic nationality, a foreigner needs to be registered in the register of foreigners. ДTo do this, contact the City Office of Population and Citizenship or the District Office of Population at the place of residence.