A rally in Moscow for the rights of men. Male egalitarian movement

On February 8, 2020, on Saturday, a rally for the rights of men in Russia was held in Hyde Park of Sokolniki Park, Moscow. Several hundred people came to the rally, also among them were women. There was also a correspondent for the Seyhan Law Office.

The opening speech with a list of requirements for the authorities was made by lawyer Anton Sorvachev, an Male egalitarian movement activist and organizer of the event. The speaker went to the public in shackles in order to clearly demonstrate the oppressed position of men in Russian society.

The male egalitarian movement requires equal rights for men, calls on the authorities and the public to pay attention to such problems as male suicides (according to statistics, Russia is first in the world in the number of male suicides), short life expectancy of men, sexist references in the legislation of the Russian Federation, unfair judicial practice (in more than ninety percent of cases children leave to their mothers), unequal reproductive rights, homelessness (the vast majority of homeless people are men) and others.

Representatives of public organizations, bloggers and authors of the Men’s movement also took part in the rally.

* The rally was authorized, all permissions from the authorities were received.